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Mate calabash and Bombillas, Mate cup in stainless steel.

Mate calabash and Bombillas, Mate cup in stainless steel.

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Stainless steel calabash & bombillas for drinking mate

  • 🧉 Premium quality: Here is our insulated mate gourd, lightweight and made of stainless steel. Refined and original appearance with these wood-colored reflections. Designed to be durable.
  • 👍 AESTHETIC AND PRACTICAL: Its closable and leak-proof lid makes it a perfect metal bottle to take with you throughout the day. It will ensure you travel without constraints or risk of splashing. Its large capacity of 355 ml allows for comfortable use in the office.
  • 🔥❄️ TEMPERED AND ISOTHERMAL: No more burns! Its double wall allows it to maintain the temperature of your mate, tea or coffee for hours without burning your hands.
  • ♻️ DURABLE AND ECO-RESPONSIBLE: Recyclable Kraft Paper cardboard. Cup designed to be durable and reusable, it represents an ecological alternative to plastic cups. VEEGREEN is a registered and committed French brand, specialized in well-being products.
  • 🌿 Mate Cup Kit: A 355 ml wood-colored mate cup + a straw also called a bombilla + a waterproof, closable lid.
  • 🎁 ORIGINAL GIFT IDEA: To offer for a birthday party, or a housewarming, a surprise etc. Box for adults, both men and women.

- A high quality Mate cup

Its pumpkin shape allows it to keep the infusion hot. Our Bombilla (filter straw) offers a refined and unparalleled mate tasting experience.

The mate gourd is the essential element to properly enjoy this drink. The mate gourd is the traditional container used to prepare and drink mate, also known by other names such as mate cup, mate gourd, mate pot...

Traditional gourds are made from squash , hence their name, as they are made from this fruit. At Veegreen we have opted for a more modern gourd in stainless steel but which has the features of the traditional gourd.

This gourd has the advantage of being more hygienic because it can be washed more easily than gourd or wooden gourds. Our calabash is even dishwasher safe at low washing temperature.

It has the advantage of being able to contain 355ml of water, much more than a traditional calabash. This cup has a double wall in stainless steel which makes it an insulated cup which does not allow heat to pass through.

Choose your Veegreen mate calabash from a wide choice of colors

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