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Organic Maté & Organic Catuaba Box with Calabash and Stainless Steel Bombilla

Organic Maté & Organic Catuaba Box with Calabash and Stainless Steel Bombilla

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Magnificent box with our organic Catuaba Mate and its stainless steel Calabash

  • 🧉 Premium quality: Here is our Maté box with stainless steel insulated calabash. Designed to be durable.
  • 💪 An exotic drink: The unique combination of Yerba Mate and Catuaba offers an exotic and natural drink perfect to start the day.
  • 🌟 Delicious flavors: Discover a marriage of exceptional flavors with Yerba Maté and Catuaba. Yerba Maté offers a herbaceous and slightly bitter flavor, while Catuaba adds a sweet and woody note, creating a unique and pleasant taste experience.
  • 🌍 Paraguay Origin: Our organic Yerba Mate and Catuaba are grown in Paraguay, under ideal conditions to ensure optimal quality. Each sip transports you to the sunny and fertile lands of Paraguay, adding an authentic dimension to your tasting experience.
  • 🍵🌞 Versatility and easy preparation: Enjoy Yerba Mate and Catuaba in different ways. Whether hot like a comforting infusion ☕ or cold like a refreshing drink 🥤, this flexible combination adapts to your preferences and allows you to enjoy its benefits at any time of the day.
  • 👍 AESTHETIC AND PRACTICAL: Sleon's resealable and waterproof lid of our calabash makes it a perfect metal bottle to take with you throughout the day. It will ensure you travel without constraints or risk of splashing. Its large capacity of 355 ml allows for comfortable use in the office.
  • 🔥❄️ TEMPERED AND ISOTHERMAL: No more burns! Its double wall allows it to maintain the temperature of your mate, tea or coffee for hours without burning your hands.
  • ♻️ DURABLE AND ECO-RESPONSIBLE: Cup designed to be durable and reusable, it represents an ecological alternative to plastic cups. VEEGREEN is a registered and committed French brand, specialized in well-being products.
  • 🎁 ORIGINAL GIFT IDEA: To offer for a birthday party, or a housewarming, a surprise etc. Box for adults, both men and women.

    - An original and organic mate

    Discover this original mate recipe, from organic and responsible farming!

    Grown in Paraguay, without pesticides or chemicals and with respect for nature and our health, the leaves of our yerba mate are finely chopped and are selected by hand for premium quality.

    Our Original and organic Mate is ideal for discovering mate in a calabash or infusion. You can start with this original and traditional drink!

    Preparation advice:

    pour 1 teaspoon or tablespoon, for a calabash or a large mug.

    Add water at 80° maximum

    the infusion time is quite short, 1 to 2 minutes is more than enough, otherwise the infusion risks being bitter.

    Infuse, enjoy, and reinfuse up to 10 times!

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    Our exceptional Paraguayan Yerba Mate